1967 505® JEANS

  • 196210001_lvc_front_swatchRigid
  • 505690014_front_swatchKong - This jeans has been richly overdyed in black, after that it has been stonewashed and worn in really nice.
  • 675050084_front_swatchWhite Nights - This jeans has a dark blue base with high visual contrast. The irregular cracking makes this one a typical highlander finish. This one is on it!
  • 675050088_front_swatchPeanut Duck - Peanut duck has a mid bright blue shade. It has an soft scraping pattern on the top block and back knee and contrasting fading on the knees and seat area.


The “Summer of Love” era 1967 505TM is the classic slim fitting jean of the 1960s. Unlike the 501® Jean, it has a zipper fly, is pre-shrunk and has a lower rise than a traditional 501® Jean. It’s slim and straight all the way from the thigh to the ankle and features a big “E” red Tab and red selvedge denim.


  • 675050217_product_front
  • 675050217_product_side
  • 675050217_product_back


  • 675050217_detail_front
  • 675050217_detail_back

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