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1973 Summer DJ Lineup

  • dj1

    Doctor Dan’s

    Morning Surgery

    6—10a.m. PST
    News, yakking and comedy with the hilarious doctor. Dan’s up on the new music if he’s not down with one of his nurses.

  • dj2

    Jackson Brody’s

    Jock Spot

    10—3p.m. PST
    Take a time-out with our afternoon athlete Jackson Brody. Homerun hits and jams on rotation keeping KLVC on top of the podium.

  • dj3

    Jonny Rock’s

    Highway to Heaven

    3-8p.m. PST
    All of your favorite Rock james with the former Tear Jet guitarist. Get in the fast lane and turn your radio up kids, Jonny’s at the wheel.

  • dj4

    Dusty Devine’s

    Dust ‘Til Dawn

    8—1a.m. PST
    All aboard the Soul Train, as Dusty carries you into the night. Let our soul sister’s velvet voice take you through the midnight hours.

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